Gong Therapy

The Gong has been used for hundreds of years in the practice of Yoga, It is the most sublime instrument of the Yogi, a healing tool for the nervous system.  Healing can be defined as the restoration of the natural balance and flow of energy on all levels of existence: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is our natural and optimal state, illness and disease occurs when this state is disturbed or blocked by imbalance or lack of prana (vital energy). The Gong works on all levels to heal and transform, the sound of the Gong induces a state of meditation and deep relaxation clearing the mind, increasing and facilitating the movement of prana through out the body. By facilitating the flow of prana through the 72,000 nadis (rivers/channels of which prana flow through) they remain clear, freely open and unblocked.

The sound waves of the Gong encase the body in a sonic envelope similar to a continuous massage. On the physical level the sound of the Gong stimulates circulation, stimulates the glandular systems to a high level of functioning. Its wide range of frequencies also stimulate nerve endings which may be helpful in the recovery from injuries in which nerve damage has occurred, for example from the trauma of drug use which has damaged the nervous system. The Gong regenerates the nervous system and aids in breaking addictive behavioural patterns.

As physical distress and illness often have an emotional and stress related component the Gong works on all areas, aiding in an emotional reorganisation making it a powerful tool for transformation. You simply just have to let go and let Gong.

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