Private Gong Therapy Sessions

Individually tailored Gong Therapy Sessions conveniently scheduled anytime around your work and lifestyle commitments. Simply book an appointment to work on any aspect of yourself that you would like to develop, or an aspect you would like to alleviate or clear. A deeply relaxing and healing experience. Various methods and techniques to support your healing process will be utilised. This includes playing techniques, also which Gongs will be played. If appropriate at times hand positions (Mudra), breath-work (Pranayama), eye focus (Drishti), and certain yoga postures (Asana) may be utilized. Depending on what the client is most comfortable with and what is required at this time. After the Gong Therapy there will be a period of integration where you will rest in silence for a few minutes before you are gently transitioned into a seated position.

Individual Sessions – $130.00

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Couples Sessions – $160.00

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Small Group Gong Relaxation – $230.00 up to 6 people.

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Please contact us to schedule your appointment for a private session then simply use the above link to purchase.

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